Online Training

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Get the same level of expertise whenever, wherever you may be. All you need is an internet connection + smartphone.

I’ll design customized workout programs tailored to your goals + fitness level requiring minimal equipment.

The best part is, your routine is strategically designed to give you everything your body needs in 30 minutes or less.

Regular check-ins ensure you’re feeling comfortable with your routine while keeping you motivated.

Each plan includes:

  • Free training application download to your Smartphone.
  • Instructions + video demonstrations of each exercise.
  • Easy logging of workouts + graphs to show progress.
  • In-app messaging with me as your Coach for check-ins, questions + support.

D. Robin Fitness App

benefits of online training

  • Saves you money!
    Same level of expertise + feedback for a fraction of the cost of in-person training.
  • Flexibility
    Access workouts anytime, anywhere in the world with internet access from your Smartphone or tablet. No worrying about rushing home from work to avoid being late to your in person session with a trainer. No need to worry about childcare for the kiddos while finding time to workout.
  • Freedom
    Workout on your own time without having to rush to scheduled appointments. Unable to complete a scheduled workout? Only have time to dedicate 10 minutes to complete your scheduled workout that day? No problem! You have the power to reschedule on your calendar or adjust the length of the workout as needed. Programs are designed around your interests + what you have access to (home, hotel, outdoors – you name it!)
  • Accountability
    In-app communication, weekly check-ins + easy tracking to keep you on track.

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