Pre + Postnatal

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Exercising during pregnancy offers a wealth of benefits to momma + baby(ies).

It’s important to not just exercise, but to train intentionally in a way that will support your growing body through the trimesters + fluctuating energy levels.

This program is for you if you:

  • are confused of the “do’s” + “don’ts” of staying active during pregnancy
  • wish to minimize common pregnancy related discomforts
  • want to feel mentally, physically + emotionally prepared for the main event

Feel good in your body + experience an empowered pregnancy.

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You just had your 6 week check-up + have been cleared for exercise. Do you know what you will do? 

Will you return back to your pre-pregnancy fitness routine?

Are you scared to exercise because even though you’re cleared, you don’t feel physically ready to do so?

Do you feel confused from all the information circulating the internet?

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of ongoing support for mother’s once they have been “cleared.”

Pregnancy is not gentle on the body + things aren’t magically back to “normal” at 6 weeks postpartum. Our bodies need gentle, restorative + intentional healing strategies to aid in recovery. A properly designed program not only looks at the physical well-being of the mother, but also her social, emotional + mental health. 

A postpartum mother is sleep deprived + dealing with hidden stresses. This requires a well designed routine that boosts energy levels so she can thrive through her days, not leave her feeling depleted.

Regardless of how the baby was born, a properly designed plan takes pelvic floor health into consideration when returning to exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you are 1 week postpartum or 20 years postpartum. It is never too late to give your body the attention + support it needs so you can live the life you desire. 

This program is for you if you:

  • are tired of feeling soooo tired, stressed, overwhelmed + burned out
  • feel like you’re struggling to keep up with the physical demands of motherhood
  • want to be able to run, jump, laugh or cough leak-free
  • feel disconnected to your core muscles
  • struggle finding the time to exercise + nourish your body properly
  • experience aches through your neck, back + hips
  • are eager to get back into your pre-baby fitness routine the safe + smart way
  • are ready to feel confident in your body + thrive!

Once postpartum, always postpartum. No matter how far along postpartum you are – reconnect with your body today.

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